About Us

Activate Group helps African organisations unleash the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the latest wave of disruptive technologies. We work with our clients to identify their needs and enable them to take advantage of strategic technologies that drive innovation, agility and a competitive edge.

Through our end-to-end IoT and mobile solutions, our clients can:

  • Create new revenue streams by monetising the Internet of Things
  • Automate and streamline business processes through the effective use of technology
  • Gain better control over corporate assets, reducing risk
  • Boost productivity by empowering their workforce with the tools they need
  • Improve and simplify their customer experience using mobile technologies, the Internet of Things and simplified payment solutions

Our solutions span industries as diverse as hospitality, logistics, financial services, and manufacturing. They are especially powerful and valuable to companies that have sizeable distributed workforces or customer bases, or large networks of brokers or independent agents.

Activate Group is a level 4 B-BBEE company.

One Partner

A Complete Solution

The initial hype around IoT is now making way for implementable solutions that drive business value.

Activate Group brings you IoT-as-a-service. Where many providers focus on specific elements of IoT, we provide a holistic solution that covers consulting, financing, devices, apps, payment gateways, and system integration. Activate deploys and manages the technology, allowing our clients to accelerate their speed to market, reduce risk, improve profitability and stay focused on their core business.

We analyse your specific needs and help you identify the opportunities in mobile applications and IoT that promise the most rapid return on investment. Each solution is carefully crafted using connectivity, mobile apps, cloud services and an IoT platform from best-in-class specialist partners.

Rodney Taylor

Rodney Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Rodney Taylor is the CEO of Activate Group. He is a serial entrepreneur at heart and prioritises growing and overseeing companies while investing in new disruptive technologies. He has co-founded several companies, including Activate Group, cloudbanc and Itec Converge South Africa.

He has over 23 years’ experience in ICT and has a passion for driving the adoption of new technologies.

Rodney has an IMM from the Witwatersrand Technicon.

Rolf Schurink

Scott Orton

Scott Orton

Regional Sales Director - Gauteng

Scott Orton is the Gauteng Regional Sales Director of Activate Group. He is a forward-thinking individual known for thinking outside the box and has extensive experience in ICT pre-sales, particularly in virtualisation, hosting and professional services solutions.

He is also the co-founder of Triple4 and Novodoby.