Active Cool

ACTIVE Cool is a tailor-made solution for the tracking and management of fridges and freezers, regardless of their location. Highly suited to the retail and food and beverage industries.

Active Cool uses intelligent smart devices, integrated into a web-based IoT portal making monitoring simple, more effective and in real-time, allowing companies to reduce fridge or freezer down-time.

Some of the key benefits of ACTIVE COOL include:


GPS location-based tracking of fridges and freezers


Real-time and report-based temperature monitoring and highlight key trends.


Monitor the run-time usage of the fridges or freezers

Detect door

Monitor the run-time usage of the fridges or freezers

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Our solutions span industries as diverse as retail, hospitality, logistics, financial services, and health. They are especially powerful and valuable to companies that have distributed workforces or large networks of movable assets.

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