Active Home

Active Home integrates data across multi-vendor smart home IoT products, cloud services and IT systems.

South African Fibre to the home ISP already have a strong footprint in the SOHO market. Active home is an ideal solution for operators looking at offering extra value to customers by integrating with other smart devices in the home and moving from product to solution offering.

Some of the key benefits of ACTIVE HOME include:


Fridge Monitor uses intelligent smart devices, integrated into a web-based IoT portal making monitoring simple, more effective and in real-time, allowing you to monitor your refrigerators run-time.


Monitoring specific zones throughout the house and detects any movement the owner is notified via mobile device with a mp4 video recording of the incident.


Monitor your doors. Should the door be opened or tampered with, the door monitor will send notification to alert the house occupant of a possible intruder in the house.

Water Meter Monitoring

Monitoring the municipality meter to verify meter readings as well as detecting any leaks.

24/7 Security Panic Button Nation Response

24/7 Panic Button system will activate an emergency response notifying nearby security companies with your GPS location, type of emergency and other relevant details.

Leak Monitor

IoT geyser leak monitor detects water leaks anywhere within the geyser. In the event of a leak, a real-time alert is sent to the owners phone/email. Early detection can reduce serious water damage.


Power monitor sends a notification, sms/email whenever the power goes off from the main power source.

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Our solutions span industries as diverse as retail, hospitality, logistics, financial services, and health. They are especially powerful and valuable to companies that have distributed workforces or large networks of movable assets.

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