Intruder Alert

Active Intruder Alert Remote Guns are
designed to fight back against criminals
whilst keeping the user safe.

Our Remote guns are so easy to use that there is no need to get out of bed in the middle of the night to check suspicious noises. Sleep better knowing that there are no threats outside.

Control the Sublethal Remote Gun from anywhere in the world using your cellphone

Remote guns give a disproportionate advantage to the defender. The criminal stands little chance of winning a fight against a machine. Knowing that their only option is to lose is highly demoralising for criminals.




Remote guns are cheaper than human security guards in the long term. Remote guns can be used by businesses to reduce security costs.


One unarmed security guard using remote guns can engage many armed robbers without fear of being hurt or victimised. Homeowners can rarely afford a 24 hour security guard on their property but Sublethal Remote Guns are affordable for many families.

Active Intruder Alert include:

24/7 Control Room Monitoring System

State of the art 24 Hour Incident management equipments


Control the Sublethal Remote Gun from anywhere in the world using your cellphone

No Licence Needed

Sublethal Remote Guns use a Paintball gun as the main weapon. In South Africa a paintball gun is excluded from the Firearms Control Act.

3 Days Battery
Back up

Our 3 days battery Back up makes sure you are protected during load-shedding

State of the Art Connectivity

Bi-Directional IP Communication to the premises from the Control Room

Turn Key Solution

Turnkey Solution that offers project management, implementation, maintenance.

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