BETTER MANAGE your keys with this intelligent key cabinet solution.

Gain Access keys via facial recognition, finger prints, user card, password or remote authorization

The cabinet is installed at each site where keys need to be stored and managed.

Different cabinet sizes are available, ranging from 26 keys to 200 keys. The cabinet is connected via ethernet cable to the site’s network and powered via wall socket. One site can use multiple cabinets as the platform will allocate a unique ID to each cabinet at installation which can be used to uniquely identify a Cabinet at a specific site.

Management Web-App Features:
  • User management
  • Dealer management
  • Key history:
  • Tracking / Status / Updates
  • Event / transaction log
  • Export / Report
Real-Time vehicles historical data statistic per vehicle.
  • Number of allowed vehicles within the property

  • Density of vehicles within a designated area

  • Machine learning over time can generate usage patterns, analyze, create reports and help optimize workflow of vehicles.


Provides an automated turnkey solution for the management of traffic fine liability. The process is managed in accordance with the relevant timelines and scope of the relevant infringement whether it be a CPA or AARTO matter. We also have an array of ancillary products to compliment our fine management system providing us with the ability to ‘auto re-direct’ a traffic fine to the correct offender.

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