Active Trac

ACTIVE Trac is an IoT solution that enables companies to securely and remotely track the location and health of valuable assets such as equipment, cargo containers, skips and fleets, reducing their risk and saving money.

Through ACTIVE Trac, companies can connect and manage all their assets from a single web-based IoT portal, which includes a comprehensive set of connectivity management features, visualisation tools and dashboards for effective asset tracking and management.

Some of the key benefits of ACTIVE TRAC include:
  • Asset tracking
  • Real-time geo-location
  • Driver behaviour monitoring for vehicle type assets
  • Geo fencing for advanced analytics
  • Visualisation tools and dashboards
  • Single, easy-to-use portal for comprehensive asset tracking
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Our solutions span industries as diverse as retail, hospitality, logistics, financial services, and health. They are especially powerful and valuable to companies that have distributed workforces or large networks of movable assets.

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