Back End

Yodiwo is the leading Internet of Things (IoT) application enablement platform for enterprises. The platform has three layers, offering a complete IoT solution.

Yodiwo gives organisations the ability to connect hundreds of different network devices and sensors, making them usable in an IoT environment. Clients have full visibility of their IoT implementation, can create sophisticated IoT apps much faster and can transform their data into actionable items to drive business efficiency.

The Yodiwo platform is designed to connect smart devices and provide analytics, data storage, dashboards, mobile and web applications.

This is underpinned by high levels of security, protecting your data and privacy. Advanced algorithms, running in the cloud, can process huge amounts of data in real-time, generating valuable reports for your business.

A code-free development environment allows you to develop complex and complete IoT applications in a fraction of the time.

Yodiwo, partnering with Activate Group, is a simple, yet powerful, platform to transform any envisioned IoT project into a reality in a fast and secure manner.