Connectivity is at the core of IoT. At Activate Group, we have partnered with the best of breed providers, to ensure that we provide our clients with fast, secure and reliable connectivity and SIM card management to ensure the success of their IoT installations.

From SIM management to MPLS connectivity or IoT networks like Sigfox, Activate Group can advise you on and provide the connectivity option that will give you bring the best results.


Managing disparate authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA) environments is complex, time-consuming and, if not done correctly, can be costly. Ensuring subscribers are successfully authenticated and data overruns do not affect your business bottom line is far from simple.

ACTIVE SIM is a complete AAA subscriber management solution catering for APN, fibre, Wi-Fi, satellite and ADSL, allowing you to manage your complex AAA footprint into a single, supported platform. The configuration portal allows you to create customers and user accounts, and assign permission levels of access. You can configure soft and hard caps to enforce contract limits and mitigate overrun usage risks when a quota is reached. Subscribers can be informed of their daily usage and alerted when they reach those usage limits.

ACTIVE SIM helps you simplify your subscription management by:

  • Consolidating your AAA infrastructure into a single manageable platform
  • Reporting on usage and enabling customers to review reporting online
  • Notifying customers of usage and alerting them when usage limits are reached
  • Enabling customers to manage their own subscriptions
  • APN options for global roaming, ideal for cross border IoT solutions

ACTIVE SIM is the perfect solution to manage large, complex, distributed AAA environments through one, simple platform, reducing your cost, risk and saving you money.


Connectivity by Activate

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Connectivity by Activate

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ACTIVE Connect

Each organisation has their own connectivity requirements based on their requirements, where they are located and what infrastructure exists. ACTIVE Connect is a full connectivity suite that connects organisations to the infrastructure they need to deliver on their business requirements.

Activate Group advises on and provides the connectivity solutions that you need to drive profitability, customer service and unleash your business’ full potential.

Active Connect encompasses various connectivity solutions, including, to name a few:

  • Fibre
  • ADSL
  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite
  • Medium Wave
  • Low Powered Wide-Area Networks (LP-WAN)

ACTIVE Connect can, through our partnerships with the best-in-class connectivity providers, provide you with a connected future, paving the way for your company to take advantage of the future of IoT.




As the adoption of IoT continues to increase, the networks must also evolve. Activate Group makes use of the Sigfox network, a networks specifically designed for IoT, which is low-cost and can cover millions of devices.

IoT networks provide a low cost, low energy and compatible alternative to GSM cellular networks, resulting in longer battery life for your connected sensors and devices.


The Sigfox network is growing rapidly and will soon cover the entire population. The coverage map on the left shows the current network status. The blue areas indicate existing coverage, with the purple areas indicating future coverage.



Along with Sigfox, certain IoT environments have different demands. In these situations, Activate make use of LoraWAN technology to assist. Like Sigfox, LoraWAN technology is designed for IoT and plays an important role in the IoT ecosystem.

LoraWAN can be deployed as a public network or be deployed as a private network in an organisation. LoraWAN also has a very large coverage area, which makes it ideal for IoT projects at farms, mines, warehouses and more.