Active Indoor Trac

ACTIVE Indoor Trac is a solution designed to track people, productivity, and location.

Provides a range of reliable location services that enhance the visitor experience and improve operational efficiencies. 

Some of the key benefits of ACTIVE Indoor Trac include:


Visitors can easily navigate a facility while seeing if a favorite restaurant is nearby or locating the closest restroom. Giving travelers the fastest route to their destination helps improve traffic flow and eliminates congestion in the terminal.


The larger the building, the more important it is to track critical resources to create efficiencies. Bluetooth can help staff find the closest assets – from luggage carts to wheelchairs to utility vehicles, even if they are parked in the wrong spot or hidden from view.

Point of Interest

Creating interactive points of entertainment enhances the visitor experience. Visitors in venues like airports, museums, and tourist attractions can use apps on their smartphones to learn about pieces of art, historical monuments, and other points of interest.


Ensuring the safety and security of occupants is key for any facility. Nearby personnel can be efficiently dispatched to resolve maintenance or custodial issues, and geofencing helps ensure workers aren’t entering hazardous or secure areas.

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Our solutions span industries as diverse as retail, hospitality, logistics, financial services, and health. They are especially powerful and valuable to companies that have distributed workforces or large networks of movable assets.

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