Activate Group’s set of software-as- a-service solutions enable organisations to improve productivity, reduce costs and seamlessly communicate with distributed workforce and client bases. Our homegrown Internet of Things (IoT) solution, is designed to track anything from assets to energy to people and keep on top of everything with pro-active monitoring


ACTIVE Workforce

ACTIVE Workforce is a solution designed to track people, productivity, and location. It enables companies with a mobile workforce to get closer to their staff and their activities to increase productivity, reduce costs and make better business decisions. ACTIVE Workforce provides a complete end-to-end tracking experience and is suitable for workforce, industrial asset, and vehicle tracking.

Some of the key benefits of ACTIVE Workforce include:

  • Real-time tracking of the exact location of employees, with alerts to notify the company if they are not located where they should be
  • Locking down mobile devices to only what is needed, based on requirements or a geo-fenced area to control the cost of data usage
  • Communicating securely using a built-in communication tool that includes instant messaging, audio and video
  • Creating task lists, adding calendar entries and attaching text and images to tasks
  • Tracking productivity by combining advanced Bluetooth technology with the mobile phone

Administrators have full visibility and control from the back-end application, which is also used to assign items, tasks, and events. Whether you need to monitor your workforce, industrial assets or vehicles, ACTIVE Workforce provides a holistic solution for you to keep track of your organisation’s most valuable resources.

ACTIVE Monitor

Active Monitor is all about being pro-active when it comes to monitoring your most important assets. Active Monitor enables organisations to monitor a number of assets in a variety of configurations:

  • Monitor if doors are open or closed for security, analytics or productivity
  • Monitor the power status of your assets no matter where they are located
  • Detect leaks, monitor levels and more with our water leak detection devices.
  • Monitor run-time of generators, motors or any other asset in your fleet.

With ACTIVE Monitor, all data is visualised in an easy to use dashboard environment. Customers benefit from real-time alerting, reporting and keeping in control of their assets.


Energy is a massive cost to business, with many overspending by up to 40%. With ACTIVE Energy, we provide customers with a range of advanced smart metering, real-time energy efficiency devices, algorithm-drive analytical software and the best gas and electricity rates to drive down their energy consumption and costs.

With ACTIVE Energy, we help companies to:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Increase the lifetime of equipment

ACTIVE Energy uses a combination of devices, technology and intelligent software to enable remote offsite automation and real-time energy monitoring. The solution also includes control measurement and targeting software, along with several energy devices, LED lighting, intelligent motor controllers and voltage optimisation.


ACTIVE Cool is a tailor-made solution for the tracking and management of fridges and freezers, regardless of their location. Highly suited to the retail and food and beverage industries, ACTIVE Cool allows companies, chains and franchises to:

  • Do remote GPS location-based tracking of fridges and freezers
  • Do real-time and report-based temperature monitoring and highlight key trends
  • Detect door opening within the fridge or freezer
  • Monitor the power usage of the fridges or freezers

Active Cool uses intelligent smart devices, integrated into a web-based IoT portal making monitoring simple, more effective and in real-time, allowing companies to reduce fridge or freezer down-time.


ACTIVE Trac is an IoT solution that enables companies to securely and remotely track the location and health of valuable assets such as equipment and fleets, reducing their risk and saving money.

The ACTIVE Trac solution includes the following key features:

  • Asset tracking
  • Real-time geo-location
  • Driver behaviour monitoring for vehicle type assets
  • Geo fencing for advanced analytics
  • Visualisation tools and dashboards
  • Single, easy-to-use portal for comprehensive asset tracking

Through ACTIVE Trac, companies can connect and manage all their assets from a single web-based IoT portal, which includes a comprehensive set of connectivity management features, visualisation tools and dashboards for effective asset tracking and management.


ACTIVE  Health is an IoT solution that enables estates, complexes and businesses to provide easy access to healthcare items including prescription medicine by the use of a Popbox and/or Vending machine

The Popbox is a secure way to receive medicines at the convenience of a complex or estate. The Popbox gets deployed at an estate/complex and provides the following:

  • Safe secure way for residents to collect medicines
  • Prescriptions or medicine may be scanned and sent or ordered directly through a mobile application, which integrates directly into your local spar pharmacy
  • The mobile application has a rewards system in conjunction with your medical aid.
  • The popbox may also be used by online ordering sites.

The Vending Machine solution can provide the following:

  • Quick fix for all minor aliments and pharmacy lines
  • Purchase airtime or data using card or zapper
  • Branded with the Healthcare logo and Estate logo
  • Flexible and Slave machines can be added for other offerings such as healthy food and drinks.
  • Unlimited stock may be added and any number of slave machines be added.



ACTIVE Voice is a powerful, comprehensive hosted PBX telephony solution that is affordable, scalable, and simple to use. As a comprehensive cloud communications platform, Activate Voice delivers enterprise PBX, Unified Communications (voice, video, presence, instant messaging and faxing), contact centre, conferencing and business mobility services. ACTIVE Voice is ideal for contact centre providers looking to reinforce their portfolio of offerings. Key features and benefits include the ability to:

  • Distribute calls to agents, based on their availability
  • Improve customer experience with inbound call routing and IVR
  • Improve agent training and performance through advanced reports, monitoring, and whisper
  • Increase flexibility and mobility with features such as ‘Find Me’ or ‘Follow Me’, extension virtualisation and call routing customisation
  • Keep calling costs as low as possible with VoIP technology and smart call routing

ACTIVE Voice is the perfect solution to reduce cost and stress in your contact centre while increasing profit, productivity and your overall customer experience.

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